Bushiri and Wife Mary illegally left SA for Malawi.

Windhoek, Nov 14 – – South Africa-based Malawian self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd ‘Major 1’ and his wife, Mary, has violeted their bail conditions by leaving the country, after the court restricted from leaving Gauteng and North West provinces.
The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church leader and wife currently face charges which include fraud, money laundering and theft, they are also accused of contravening certain provisions of the Immigration Act.

South Africa Home Affairs Minister, Motsoaledi to SABC that Bushiri and his wife are in South Africa illegally .

The Malawian born preacher established the ECG church in South Africa’s administrative capital Pretoria and has seen the church’s branches mushroom across the country thanks to his antics and ‘miracles’.

Home affairs officials who served notices to the pair during their time of application for residence permit have been suspended by the department pending an investigation.

Bushiri has so far arrived in Mali and released a statement on his arrival.

“I would like to inform the general public that my wife, Mary, and I are temporarily in our home country, Malawi, because of safety and security issues since 2015, matters that got worse when we just got out on bail.

There have been clear and evident attempts to have myself, my wife and my family killed and despite our several attempts to report to authorities, there has never been State protection.

Our coming to Malawi, hence, is a tactical withdrawal from the Republic of South Africa solely meant to preserve our lives.

These attempts have been heightened with recent spates of arrests and detentions that we felt the only way for us to clear our names before the law is to ensure that our lives are preserved. My wife and I strongly believe in our innocence but this cannot be proved if our lives are not preserved. We have to be alive to testify to our innocence”.

NDN Reporter