American teenager rubs shoulders with Namibian counterparts and inspires ‘never-give-up’ attitude

Musa Zimunya

WINDHOEK, March 10 – “There will be moments when life kicks you when you are down. Your friends even your family; those who are closest to you will try to knock you off what you are trying to do. Don’t let other people dictate your journey or dreams. You dictate what you want in life.” Those were the words that 12 year old Nyeeam Hudson – or King Nahh as he is known by his legion of followers – shared with a crowd of mostly U18’s during Namibia’s inaugural Teenage Inspirational Summit that was held in Windhoek yesterday.
Hudson is an international motivational speaker and author who was at hand to encourage not only the youth, but also adults who were in attendance.

“Each and everyone of you where put on this world to serve a particular purpose. You were given something that gives you the capability to shift the world as we know it. You might not know it because you are not tapping your creative mentality. This is for everybody, not only for kids; it doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what you look like, your age, what your gender is. you can accomplish great things. Everyone who has been put on this earth has the power to do great things and evolve humanity.” he said.

Hudson reminisced on his past, explaining how in Grade three he was unable to read or write – traits that catapulted him to the fore of every joke told by his schoolmates.

King Nahh gives an inspirational talk on the key ingredients to life: never losing focus, self-belief and wielding the ‘never-give-up’ attitude to maximum effect.

“They (my classmates) laughed at me because of that. But I did not let it stop me or hold me back. My fther home-schooled me, and in the second year, I was reading at Grade seven level.”

King Nahh further encouraged the youth to refuse entertaining the possibility of limits, shunning the proverbial connotation ‘the sky is the limit.’

“They say the sky is the limit. I am saying don’t let others tell you what you have to be or what your limit is. There is something beyond the sky. Dont let people limit your potential. Dreamers turn dreams into reality. Don’t let a nightmare make you stop because whenever you stop, your dream slowly fades away. You might not realise it, but the longer you take to express your dream, to get your ideas and reams out there, the longer it is going to kill you inside. If you are not expressing your creativity, then it will hurt you.”

Hudson shared the stage with other youthful speakers that included 5 year old Nigerian actress Aunty Success, 17 year old South African motivational speaker, dancer and singer Kimberly Malope, 16 year old Namibian debate champion Christian Prinsloo, as well as Junior Mayor from Namibia’s Ongwediva town, 17 year old Rebekka Nghilaluwa during the Teen Inspirational Summit.

Hudson has captured global and national celebrity attention and audiences and was one of “12 kids who rocked the world in 2016” according to the Huffington Post. He was interviewed and has appeared on media platforms that include including Good Morning America (ABC-NY).

He has also written his book ‘We Are All Kings’ – A Motivational Guide for Parents in which he shares his journey to encourage young boys to believe in themselves as kings of greatness. – musa@namibiadailynews.info