39 people with fake documents stopped at Albanian airport last month

TIRANA, Jan. 7 — Border police officers of Tirana International Airport (TIA) last month stopped 39 people with counterfeit documents intending to cross the border and travel to European Union Schengen areas, local Top Channel TV reported on Sunday.
According to Top Channel report, the 39 people, while trying to leave Albania, were found with fake Italian, Greek, Romanian and Bulgarian counterfeit documents with the intention to travel to Schengen areas.
Most people, according to the airport, said that their final destination was the United Kingdom.
Specialists said that the counterfeit documents were almost identical to the originals. Police said such a document in Albania can be secured for an amount ranging from 300 to 500 Euros (around 342 to 570 U.S. dollars).
Border police checks at Tirana International Airport have been beefed up to curb flow of refugees. The number of people being rejected at the exit border has significantly increased due to the fact that many travelers do not meet the requirement to travel to the Schengen free travel area.
The Schengen zone, which currently embraces 26 European countries, acknowledges the abolishment of their internal borders with other member nations and outside, for the free and unrestricted movement of people, goods, services and capital. – XINHUA